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North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department

Sponsor responsibilities prior to designation

  • Local sponsors must submit an application to the state for determining if their proposed route is consistent with the goals of the North Dakota Scenic Byways Program. A local sponsor can be any citizen, organization, or business.
  • Local sponsors must gain support of the jurisdiction(s) responsible for the roadway. Support from the communities along the route is also beneficial.
  • Local sponsors must submit a corridor management plan (CMP) with a scenic byway/backway application.
  • Funding for the installation and maintenance of scenic byway/backway route signing will be the responsibility of the local roadway jurisdiction and/or sponsors.
  • A local contact must be provided to handle requests for local information from tourists. The local sponsor is responsible for coordination of local scenic byway resources and activities.
  • The local sponsor is responsible for development of a local marketing campaign. The state will provide marketing for the statewide Scenic Byways Program as a whole.

Sponsor responsibilities upon designation

  • Conduct a byway/backway board meeting at minimum, one time per year. The purpose to confirm board members and stakeholders; set term limits for board members; confirm organization's officers; identify work plan for sustaining and/or enhancing byway/backway.
  • Properly install and maintain route signing, state designated signs and where appropriate nationally designated signs along your byway/backway. Signs that need to be replaced should be noted and replaced.
  • Attend state byway leader meeting hosted by the North Dakota state byway coordinator. At minimum, one representative of each byway/backway must attend.
  • Develop and distribute where appropriate at minimum, one marketing piece (separate from the state byway program's information guide).
  • Update partner-access website information for byway/backway attractions and events as requested via the North Dakota Tourism Department.
  • Plan and coordinate with North Dakota state byway coordinator to conduct one byway/backway inspection per year to ensure route is accessible and no major concerns exist.
  • Submit an annual report, per the request of and to the state byway coordinator, regarding scenic byway/backway economic impacts, enhancements, results of marketing efforts, and corridor management plan implementation.