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Privacy policy

Records received by the State of North Dakota from web sites are subject to the same controls and uses as records collected by governmental offices visited in person. This agency does not sell information it receives.

The following information provided to this agency is protected from disclosure to the general public: names, mail and e-mail addresses, credit card information and State of North Dakota Login ID.

We may be required to disclose the information listed above pursuant to a court order. In addition, we may be authorized to share this information with other state agencies for purposes of child support, law enforcement, collection of debts owed to the State or its political subdivisions (and any other purpose authorized by law). Information not specifically addressed in this policy must be disclosed pursuant to the North Dakota Open Records Law.

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Personal information

In order to protect the information being gathered, this site has security measures in place including firewalls, encryption, and authenticated access to internal databases where needed.

In order to ensure the security of all personal information from customers, information will be encrypted when being transmitted across the web. This includes, but is not limited to names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information, and passwords.

Credit card numbers collected through a web application will not be stored or retained in any manner. The information will be gathered and passed on through an intermediate software company, and a unique transaction number will be returned and stored as proof of acceptance.

E-mail addresses will be collected from an application only if a response is necessary to verify purchases or if there is a need to correspond with customers.

If during your visit to our site, you send an email, the email address will be collected as a means to reply to you. We may forward your message to another agency for additional response or appropriate action.

Cookies will be used under specific conditions. A cookie is a text file stored on a customers PC to maintain an uninterrupted transaction with the application. There are two types of cookies, a memory cookie and a hard cookie. Memory cookies will be deleted at the end of the session. Memory cookies are specifically used when purchasing products or services through the web. Hard cookies will remain on the PC after the session is ended. Hard cookies are generally used for keeping your personal options for viewing the site. (If they choose, customers may delete hard cookies from their machines after the session.)

Changes to personal information

Changes to information entered in error can be made through the change feature of the application or by sending the correct information to parkrec@nd.gov.

Retention of information

The information collected on this site is retained in accordance with the Record Retention Schedules developed by this office.