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95-Day Window Calendar

North Dakota State Park Campgrounds - For arrival dates May 19 - Sept. 24, 2017

  • Reservations for campsites and Tipis can be made within 95 days of date of arrival. Stays are limited to 14 nights within any 30-day period. The Department has the authority to limit the length of stay to 3 nights when a customer is not utilizing a resource for recreational purposes.
  • Online reservations can be made 24/7 with the exception of the 1st day of the 95 day window. These reservations will be available at 7am Central Time. Call Center hours are 7am – 7pm Central Time.
  • The reservation season runs from May 19 through September 4. (September 24 - Fort Ransom St. Park, October 31 - Little Missouri, and November 30 - Sully Creek)
  • Reservations for cabins, yurts, shelters, and meeting rooms can be made up to 365 days in advance.
  • Campsite, cabin, yurt, and tipi reservations can be made online or through our call center 1-800-807-4723. Meeting rooms, shelters, horse campsites and corrals must be booked by calling the park directly.
To make a reservation for: Reserve on or after this date:
Fri 19-May-17Tue 14-Feb-17
Sat 20-May-17Wed 15-Feb-17
Sun 21-May-17Thu 16-Feb-17
Mon 22-May-17Fri 17-Feb-17
Tue 23-May-17Sat 18-Feb-17
Wed 24-May-17Sun 19-Feb-17
Thu 25-May-17Mon 20-Feb-17
Fri 26-May-17Tue 21-Feb-17
Sat 27-May-17Wed 22-Feb-17
Sun 28-May-17Thu 23-Feb-17
Mon 29-May-17Fri 24-Feb-17
Tue 30-May-17Sat 25-Feb-17
Wed 31-May-17Sun 26-Feb-17
Thu 01-Jun-17Mon 27-Feb-17
Fri 02-Jun-17Tue 28-Feb-17
Sat 03-Jun-17Wed 01-Mar-17
Sun 04-Jun-17Thu 02-Mar-17
Mon 05-Jun-17Fri 03-Mar-17
Tue 06-Jun-17Sat 04-Mar-17
Wed 07-Jun-17Sun 05-Mar-17
Thu 08-Jun-17Mon 06-Mar-17
Fri 09-Jun-17Tue 07-Mar-17
Sat 10-Jun-17Wed 08-Mar-17
Sun 11-Jun-17Thu 09-Mar-17
Mon 12-Jun-17Fri 10-Mar-17
Tue 13-Jun-17Sat 11-Mar-17
Wed 14-Jun-17Sun 12-Mar-17
Thu 15-Jun-17Mon 13-Mar-17
Fri 16-Jun-17Tue 14-Mar-17
Sat 17-Jun-17Wed 15-Mar-17
Sun 18-Jun-17Thu 16-Mar-17
Mon 19-Jun-17Fri 17-Mar-17
Tue 20-Jun-17Sat 18-Mar-17
Wed 21-Jun-17Sun 19-Mar-17
Thu 22-Jun-17Mon 20-Mar-17
Fri 23-Jun-17Tue 21-Mar-17
Sat 24-Jun-17Wed 22-Mar-17
Sun 25-Jun-17Thu 23-Mar-17
Mon 26-Jun-17Fri 24-Mar-17
Tue 27-Jun-17Sat 25-Mar-17
Wed 28-Jun-17Sun 26-Mar-17
Thu 29-Jun-17Mon 27-Mar-17
Fri 30-Jun-17Tue 28-Mar-17
Sat 01-Jul-17Wed 29-Mar-17
Sun 02-Jul-17Thu 30-Mar-17
Mon 03-Jul-17Fri 31-Mar-17
Tue 04-Jul-17Sat 01-Apr-17
Wed 05-Jul-17Sun 02-Apr-17
Thu 06-Jul-17Mon 03-Apr-17
Fri 07-Jul-17Tue 04-Apr-17
Sat 08-Jul-17Wed 05-Apr-17
Sun 09-Jul-17Thu 06-Apr-17
Mon 10-Jul-17Fri 07-Apr-17
Tue 11-Jul-17Sat 08-Apr-17
Wed 12-Jul-17Sun 09-Apr-17
Thu 13-Jul-17Mon 10-Apr-17
Fri 14-Jul-17Tue 11-Apr-17
Sat 15-Jul-17Wed 12-Apr-17
Sun 16-Jul-17Thu 13-Apr-17
Mon 17-Jul-17Fri 14-Apr-17
Tue 18-Jul-17Sat 15-Apr-17
Wed 19-Jul-17Sun 16-Apr-17
Thu 20-Jul-17Mon 17-Apr-17
Fri 21-Jul-17Tue 18-Apr-17
Sat 22-Jul-17Wed 19-Apr-17
Sun 23-Jul-17Thu 20-Apr-17
Mon 24-Jul-17Fri 21-Apr-17
Tue 25-Jul-17Sat 22-Apr-17
Wed 26-Jul-17Sun 23-Apr-17
Thu 27-Jul-17Mon 24-Apr-17
Fri 28-Jul-17Tue 25-Apr-17
Sat 29-Jul-17Wed 26-Apr-17
Sun 30-Jul-17Thu 27-Apr-17
Mon 31-Jul-17Fri 28-Apr-17
Tue 01-Aug-17Sat 29-Apr-17
Wed 02-Aug-17Sun 30-Apr-17
Thu 03-Aug-17Mon 01-May-17
Fri 04-Aug-17Tue 02-May-17
Sat 05-Aug-17Wed 03-May-17
Sun 06-Aug-17Thu 04-May-17
Mon 07-Aug-17Fri 05-May-17
Tue 08-Aug-17Sat 06-May-17
Wed 09-Aug-17Sun 07-May-17
Thu 10-Aug-17Mon 08-May-17
Fri 11-Aug-17Tue 09-May-17
Sat 12-Aug-17Wed 10-May-17
Sun 13-Aug-17Thu 11-May-17
Mon 14-Aug-17Fri 12-May-17
Tue 15-Aug-17Sat 13-May-17
Wed 16-Aug-17Sun 14-May-17
Thu 17-Aug-17Mon 15-May-17
Fri 18-Aug-17Tue 16-May-17
Sat 19-Aug-17Wed 17-May-17
Sun 20-Aug-17Thu 18-May-17
Mon 21-Aug-17Fri 19-May-17
Tue 22-Aug-17Sat 20-May-17
Wed 23-Aug-17Sun 21-May-17
Thu 24-Aug-17Mon 22-May-17
Fri 25-Aug-17Tue 23-May-17
Sat 26-Aug-17Wed 24-May-17
Sun 27-Aug-17Thu 25-May-17
Mon 28-Aug-17Fri 26-May-17
Tue 29-Aug-17Sat 27-May-17
Wed 30-Aug-17Sun 28-May-17
Thu 31-Aug-17Mon 29-May-17
Fri 01-Sep-17Tue 30-May-17
Sat 02-Sep-17Wed 31-May-17
Sun 03-Sep-17Thu 01-Jun-17
Sun 04-Sep-17Thu 02-Jun-17
To make a reservation for: Reserve on or after this date:
Tue 05-Sep-17Sat 03-Jun-17
Wed 06-Sep-17Sun 04-Jun-17
Thu 07-Sep-17Mon 05-Jun-17
Fri 08-Sep-17Tue 06-Jun-17
Sat 09-Sep-17Wed 07-Jun-17
Sun 10-Sep-17Thu 08-Jun-17
Mon 11-Sep-17Fri 09-Jun-17
Tue 12-Sep-17Sat 10-Jun-17
Wed 13-Sep-17Sun 11-Jun-17
Thu 14-Sep-17Mon 12-Jun-17
Fri 15-Sep-17Tue 13-Jun-17
Sat 16-Sep-17Wed 14-Jun-17
Sun 17-Sep-17Thu 15-Jun-17
Mon 18-Sep-17Fri 16-Jun-17
Tue 19-Sep-17Sat 17-Jun-17
Wed 20-Sep-17Sun 18-Jun-17
Thu 21-Sep-17Mon 19-Jun-17
Fri 22-Sep-17Tue 20-Jun-17
Sat 23-Sep-17Wed 21-Jun-17
Sun 24-Sep-17Thu 22-Jun-17
Mon 25-Sep-17Fri 23-Jun-17
Tue 26-Sep-17Sat 24-Jun-17
Wed 27-Sep-17Sun 25-Jun-17
Thu 28-Sep-17Mon 26-Jun-17
Fri 29-Sep-17Tue 27-Jun-17
Sat 30-Sep-17Wed 28-Jun-17
Sun 01-Oct-17Thu 29-Jun-17
Mon 02-Oct-17Fri 30-Jun-17
Tue 03-Oct-17Sat 01-Jul-17
Wed 04-Oct-17Sun 02-Jul-17
Thu 05-Oct-17Mon 03-Jul-17
Fri 06-Oct-17Tue 04-Jul-17
Sat 07-Oct-17Wed 05-Jul-17
Sun 08-Oct-17Thu 06-Jul-17
Mon 09-Oct-17Fri 07-Jul-17
Tue 10-Oct-17Sat 08-Jul-17
Wed 11-Oct-17Sun 09-Jul-17
Thu 12-Oct-17Mon 10-Jul-17
Fri 13-Oct-17Tue 11-Jul-17
Sat 14-Oct-17Wed 12-Jul-17
Sun 15-Oct-17Thu 13-Jul-17
Mon 16-Oct-17Fri 14-Jul-17
Tue 17-Oct-17Sat 15-Jul-17
Wed 18-Oct-17Sun 16-Jul-17
Thu 19-Oct-17Mon 17-Jul-17
Fri 20-Oct-17Tue 18-Jul-17
Sat 21-Oct-17Wed 19-Jul-17
Sun 22-Oct-17Thu 20-Jul-17
Mon 23-Oct-17Fri 21-Jul-17
Tue 24-Oct-17Sat 22-Jul-17
Wed 25-Oct-17Sun 23-Jul-17
Thu 26-Oct-17Mon 24-Jul-17
Fri 27-Oct-17Tue 25-Jul-17
Sat 28-Oct-17Wed 26-Jul-17
Sun 29-Oct-17Thu 27-Jul-17
Mon 30-Oct-17Fri 28-Jul-17
Tue 31-Oct-17Sat 29-Jul-17
Wed 01-Nov-17Sun 30-Jul-17
Thu 02-Nov-17Mon 31-Jul-17
Fri 03-Nov-17Tue 01-Aug-17
Sat 04-Nov-17Wed 02-Aug-17
Sun 05-Nov-17Thu 03-Aug-17
Mon 06-Nov-17Fri 04-Aug-17
Tue 07-Nov-17Sat 05-Aug-17
Wed 08-Nov-17Sun 06-Aug-17
Thu 09-Nov-17Mon 07-Aug-17
Fri 10-Nov-17Tue 08-Aug-17
Sat 11-Nov-17Wed 09-Aug-17
Sun 12-Nov-17Thu 10-Aug-17
Mon 13-Nov-17Fri 11-Aug-17
Tue 14-Nov-17Sat 12-Aug-17
Wed 15-Nov-17Sun 13-Aug-17
Thu 16-Nov-17Mon 14-Aug-17
Fri 17-Nov-17Tue 15-Aug-17
Sat 18-Nov-17Wed 16-Aug-17
Sun 19-Nov-17Thu 17-Aug-17
Mon 20-Nov-17Fri 18-Aug-17
Tue 21-Nov-17Sat 19-Aug-17
Wed 22-Nov-17Sun 20-Aug-17
Thu 23-Nov-17Mon 21-Aug-17
Fri 24-Nov-17Tue 22-Aug-17
Sat 25-Nov-17Wed 23-Aug-17
Sun 26-Nov-17Thu 24-Aug-17
Mon 27-Nov-17Fri 25-Aug-17
Tue 28-Nov-17Sat 26-Aug-17
Wed 29-Nov-17Sun 27-Aug-17
Fort Ransom State Park Only